Making Delicious Food Experiences

We make cooking not only simple but also enjoyable by combining our extensive food expertise, love of delicate flavors, and innovative innovations. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of integrity while residing permanently in their kitchens.

IEFPL Fried Potato Bites
Straight Cut Fried


As a provider of integrated food solutions, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality goods by using our extensive understanding of food and enthusiasm for ongoing innovation. We carry out this action with the highest integrity and honesty toward our partners, employees, clients, and the environment.

The Elements That Shape Us

Our culture, work ethics, and decisions that support a positive work environment are things we are proud of. Our SCORE values define who we are and inspire us to perform better every day.

Our Conduct Guidelines

Always be considerate of the feelings of others and the cultural context of the workplace, and never engage in any sort of harassment that can undermine someone’s performance or confidence.

Be kind and responsive. Never yell at or otherwise act abusively against a client, especially if they don’t have a legitimate complaint.

Be careful to comply with all applicable rules and regulations, and to comprehend the ramifications of the laws that are relevant to your line of work.

Be truthful in all of your interactions with the business and the business associates. It is against the law to knowingly provide false information or withhold important facts.

Maintain a tidy, orderly workspace free of impediments or other possible risks for you or others, and report any dangerous or unlawful activities that could endanger others’ safety at work.